15 Magento blogs that will improve your ecommerce understanding

by deepika

Before getting in touch with your idea, please read this information. It will greatly improve your chances of being accepted. Please kindly send us a Google doc link with permission to edit for convenience. If the outline is okay, then you can start writing yours. After organizations around the world turned to online sales during the pandemic the business to… Be sure to view our own news section as well for all the latest Magento news.

Blogging with MakeWebBetter helps you extend your outreach to marketers, developers, entrepreneurs, and everyone who is eagerly searching for a solution to their problem. The Magento 2 Contact us page can be accessed from the footer by any user. When a customer submits the contact form to the store, a thank you message is displayed. Allowing customers to ask queries from the contact us page contributes to enhancing the customer experience of the store.

The Mageplaza blog explores a wide range of topics from development, to marketing and much more. Most technical articles are well-laid out with a table of contents, making them easy to follow and informative even for the less savvy reader. Chhabra Solutions is one of the top-most guest post accepting websites for talented writers.


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Following the accurate grammatical structure we don’t accept any grammatical mistakes. Add author’s bio at the end of the blog in 200 characters. A good piece of content with clear headings and a subheadings system. Please try to include 1-2 keywords in your article headlines.

To speed up our process, we have 3 rounds of reviews and revisions maximum. You will get one more do-follow link if you include one do-follow link to one of our webpages (on magezon.com). Your blog content must be 100% original and unpublished. Make sure your content is useful and reliant information to at least one of our segments.

90% of online stores we helped them build are successful and profitable. Once an article or tutorial is published on our website, CodexWorld would have the copyright ownership of this article content and it cannot be published or re-used by the author. Once you received approval mail of your article idea, you will need to submit content with the following.

Just write an email to submit their request at and wait for 24 for their revert because they already have lots of submission requests. Practical Ecommerce uses its social media channels to publish independent articles and advice to help businesses succeed online. However, given Magento’s position as the largest e-commerce platform in the marketplace, there is plenty of relevant information about it.

We are here to accept blogs related to Tech, News, Health, Business, Magento, and more. So here are some guidelines for write for us Magento category. Be specific with quotes, statistics, and sources of information, detailed images, and formatting into your blog. If you want to show this section, please provide the writer’s full name and short bop of no more than 70 words. Insights, tips, solutions – everything you need to run your retail business. Sub-Headings – Please split up your content with relevant sub-headings to make the logic flow easier for readers to follow.

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