27 Best About Us & About Me Page Examples +10 Templates

by deepika

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Kero One’s about me page tells his story in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Including these East Asian languages helps Kero One connect with listeners in these different communities. The Beckham template includes a suggested place to link your resume, as well as sections to show off previously completed projects.

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Visitors can click through different stories about the brand’s sponsorships, like providing gear for Heroes and Horses. It also showcases stories about inspiring people from the outdoors scene, such as the story behind Mark Engler, a legendary fishing guide in the Colorado/New Mexico area. Lunya uses a video to showcase its careful approach to detail, construction, and quality. This goes along with the “show don’t tell” strategy that can make an About Us page so powerful.

From start to finish, Sweet Loren’s about us page is playful, engaging, and colorful. The page starts with a 60-second video and even incorporates cookie dough-scooping gifs. As you scroll, you’ll move through some of Sweet Loren’s impressive values, including inclusivity and refusing to compromise.

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