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by deepika

In truth, the author is often not the best person to write the biography or to consider how a book should look inside and out. But a happy author is a happy author, and one who will proudly promote their book. I’ve played difficult author a couple of times; my first palmistry book was badly edited to the extent that the proof-reader managed to add a few hundred errors while she was working her way through it. Knowing that, in the reader’s mind, the buck stops with the author, I didn’t want my first book to look unprofessional. So, I did the work of the editor, helped with the layout, was anxious about the final result , and came out of the experience knowing that I should self-publish. It helps to have an agent if you want to go with a mainstream publisher .

To get more of a background on the study and its roots, invest in astrology books and read free articles online. Astrologers usually have only a small knowledge of astronomy, and often do not take into account basic principles—such as the precession of the equinoxes, which changes the position of the sun with time. Charpak and Broch noted that, “There is a difference of about twenty-two thousand miles between Earth’s location on any specific date in two successive years”, and that thus they should not be under the same influence according to astrology. Over a 40-year period there would be a difference greater than 780,000 miles. Advocates have defined astrology as a symbolic language, an art form, a science, and a method of divination. Though most cultural astrology systems share common roots in ancient philosophies that influenced each other, many use methods that differ from those in the West.


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If you’d like to learn more about writing a horoscope column, you may have many questions about astrology’s illuminating teachings and revelations. If you are successful in contributing more than 7 articles, then you can mention it in your personal website. You can send the link of your published article to your social media friends, relatives. But it is strictly forbidden to mention the contribution made on the panel in any official activity. We offer services like numerology, palmistry, vastu, personalized readings, daily horoscopes, detailed astrology reports, birth chart analysis and more.

Western astrology is founded on the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies such as the Sun, Moon and planets, which are analysed by their movement through signs of the zodiac and by their aspects relative to one another. Astrology’s modern representation in western popular media is usually reduced to sun sign astrology, which considers only the zodiac sign of the Sun at an individual’s date of birth, and represents only 1/12 of the total chart. It’s the age we’re in and a result of the huge promotional impact of Oprah’s Book Club in the last two decades and the range of experts who appear on TV – everyone’s promoting something they’ve written. But astrology is currently in a lull – even books that only focus on the popular, Sun sign end of the market. Many major publishers have a MBS list of titles and the market has been saturated with “pop” Sun sign titles for years.

Most won’t pay authors for articles, but they can offer good publicity for your work . All three of the above provide space for articles and letters/discussions in email newsletters (E-News and Memberletter from NCGR,In the Loop from the AA, and E-Zine from ISAR). The Federation of Australian Astrologers has its FAA Journal,and there are numerous newsletters from local Australian groups featuring articles and adverts for their upcoming events and speakers.

We will check each and every article manually, so don’t spoil your valuable time on Cut-Copy-Pasting. Well-written content with good and language shall be considered posting. We are looking forward to get some interesting and well written articles soon. Then your article will be publish on Astrology Yard’s blog. This is how to submit guest blog posts for consideration to Astrology Yard’s blog.

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