Ethinyl Estradiol And Norelgestromin Transdermal Uses, Unwanted Effects, Dosage & Interactions

by deepika

Do not apply the patch to your breasts or on red/cut/irritated pores and skin. If your interval begins on a Sunday, start on that day. If you start utilizing the patch on the primary day of your interval, you don’t lgv10 metropcs need to use back-up birth control the first week.Change the patch as soon as per week on the same day.

XULANE is a presription birth control patch for girls with a body mass index 2. It will not be as effective in ladies weighing more than 198 lbs . Do not use XULANE if your BMI is 30 kg/m2 or extra.

Also inform them if you smoke, drink alcohol, or use illegal medication. Follow the instructions on the prescription label. Apply to clean, dry, healthy pores and skin on the buttock, stomach, upper outer arm or upper torso, in a spot where it is not going to be rubbed by tight clothing. Do not use lotions or other cosmetics on the location the place the patch will go. Press the patch firmly in place for 10 seconds to make sure good contact with the pores and skin. Change the patch every 7 days on the same day of the week for 3 weeks.

In some circumstances, medical or other situations make the use of the patch less effective or extra risky. You’ll need to request a prescription for the contraception patch from your health care provider. Your health care provider will evaluate your medical history and examine your blood stress.

Here’s all you should know about getting contraception with or with out insurance. Using this medicine with any of the following medicines just isn’t really helpful. Your physician may determine to not deal with you with this medication or change a number of the other medicines you take. Prescription prices may differ from pharmacy to pharmacy and are subject to vary.

If the patch becomes partially or completely indifferent and can’t be reapplied, substitute it with a model new patch immediately. Don’t reapply a patch if it’s no longer sticky, it becomes caught to itself or another floor, or it has different material stuck to it. Don’t use other adhesives or wraps to hold the patch in place. If your patch becomes partially or completely indifferent for more than 24 hours, apply a model new patch and use a backup technique of contraception for one week.

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