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by deepika

Use hyperlinks to acknowledge sources, not footnotes or ends. After you have addressed our concerns, send us your revised draft. It will be discussed again by the team and you will be notified if it is accepted. Choose a topic that pertains to one of our categories for your posts.

By writing a valuable and worthy article according to the guidelines writers have got an excellent likelihood of their article being accepted and for it to be featured on the website. The more thought-provoking your article, the better. By tackling taboo topics, you not only present an engaging article, but you help to dispel the myths that still surround male grooming.

Links to credible sources that can substantiate your claims and ideas. Use descriptive link text, rather than “click here to find out more”. The link text should describe the target of the link. Texts cannot contain links to adult or gambling sites. However, they have to be about the latest trends and events of the sustainable Fashion Industry.

We welcome contributions and are always looking for new authors! We reach more than 80,000 visitors per month on our entire platform – One of the fastest growing men’s lifestyle sites in the US. Male Standard is home to many embarrassing topics; we want to change this perception by adding humor, personality and edge to our articles. This encourages action and inspires that all important confidence across the board.

Sharpologist – My top resource for men’s grooming advice. Mark is the man when it comes to wet shaving and anything you want to know about shaving creams, straight razors, safety razors, and aftershaves. This is demonstrated throughout the site with his visuals and content.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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They’re worked with designers, manufacturers, retailers, and fashion show coordinators. Some are clothing store owners and others are fashion addicts. Got loyal followers who can’t get enough fashion news? Our writers stay up-to-date on fashion trends that everybody wants to know about.

Steve focuses on a wide range of topics that would be of interest to the modern man – I especially appreciate his viewpoint as a business consultant living in England. Street Etiquette has been dishing out high-quality content since 2008 using a cultural, historical and urban perspective. I great site to check out to gather inspiration on your personal style. Tanner Guzy’s new site design has paid off and Masculine Style continues to impress with quality visuals and a sense of style that is both classic and timeless.

Before you start with anything else, comprehend that a major lump of style relies upon certain confidence. Self-confidence does not simply assist you in drawing the attention of the ladies. It’s the main interior motivation for recollecting who are you are, and it is a big motivator for you. Your image is very important when it comes to fashion. Everybody wants to be seen as a person who can make an impact in this world here are styling tips that you can use to make an impact.

Before you decide to write to us, check out some of our content to get ideas and to get to know our style. Being an international Fashion and Lifestyle Blog, your guest post can be read in different parts of the world and in different languages, such as Spanish. Make sure to post/share the link to your published content on your social network.

We’ll Share your article out to all our social platforms. Thank you for your interest in working with the Dress Online team and we look forward to reviewing your submission. Original concepts, compelling and unbiased arguments, high-quality writing. It must include one subtitle for every 150-word section.

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