God Made You a Writer: An Invitation to Every Christian

by deepika

Your post must be original and not previously published. The six 2023 issues of the Bible Advocate will progressively delve deep to understand what Jesus wants to show us when we follow Him. Once we come and see, we encounter God in His holiness and are confronted with our sinfulness.

Grow Christians is brought to you by Forward Movement, a ministry of The Episcopal Church that seeks to inspire disciples and empower evangelists. To submit post for consideration, please email our editor, the Rev. Allison Sandlin Liles. All inquiries will receive a response within two weeks. Please include at least one Bible verse with your submission. The Bible verse can either be applied to the lesson of the post // article, be a guiding verse, an encouragement, or a “call to action”.

We are not always able to respond to every submission, but we will respond if we need more information or if we accept your submission idea. If your query is accepted, we will provide further direction for the full article. Information from our 2010 survey of readers at The Well can be found here. Many of our readers are women faculty members. According to thesurvey, men make up approximately 10% of our audience. On the day of publication, please post a few lines or a description on your personal blog using a different title for SEO strength, and linking to the WE blog page.

Is a monthly Canadian publication geared toward the Christian community in Greater Vancouver. They seek to inspire faith in everyday life and publish articles about parenting, travel, senior life, and Christian living. When possible, try to get a sense of how much freelance writers are paid before deciding whether or not to pitch. We’ve provided pay rates for as many markets on our list as possible. You remain in control of all rights to your work. Christian Devotions Ministry purchases 1st rights to devotions which are published in our devotional books and materials.

Took- Lead to a decision by offering the reader an action statement. Hook- Catch the reader’s interest with a brief story or shocking statement. We accept articles on a quarterly basis in September, December, March, and June.

An editor will review your pitch and communicate whether we will accept or pass on your pitch. Occasionally, we might ask a writer to refine their pitch or to submit a pitch on another topic. Thank you for your interest in contributing to our blog!


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

If the subject line includes anything other than this, we may never see it. Book- Declare the theme and meaning of the passage. “Book” is also the one place where most devotions fail to make an impact. If you need help finding the hidden treasures in a passage, ask our staff. We’re happy to provide insight into Scripture without changing your voice and story.

Please also share on any of your social media platforms linking to the WE blog page and social media . I am delighted to learn of this avenue available for Christian writers to share their faith and also earn income from it. I reside in Nigeria, and will like know how I can leverage on this opportunity.

The author provides copyright for this purpose only. This can include illustrations, infographics, cartoons, paintings, etc. For questions, ideas, or to inquire about submitting an article, contact us. Thank you for your interest in writing for The Well.

If you have not heard back within two weeks, unfortunately we will not be able to publish your article at this time. However, feel free to submit other pieces in the future. Your article may not be published in part or whole on any other platform within six months of submission. After six months, an alternative version of your article may be published elsewhere.

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