How to Format Money in General Writing

by deepika

The more zany the story, the better. We’d love to hear about your experience making money as a street performer or starting a business while in college. Focus on providing value and being useful. How will your article help our readers live richer lives? Share detailed instructions that others can follow, interview experts, and write content that will engage readers all the way to the end of the article. You agree you will not publish the content anywhere else (i.e. on your own blog or as a guest post on other blogs).


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Practise in your own language for your own people. Write about the things that you love in your own culture and community. You should also join a forum like Writers Digest and try and learn from other good writers. Hi David, this is quite informative and I must say the little knowledge I had about article-writing websites and their rates has greatly been improved. I have a request though, do you have any account that you can help me out with.

Jobs, where article writers can be earning money, are listed every day. There you have it, a comprehensive list of online magazines and websites that pay at least $50 to write. It isn’t a walk in the park and websites may reject your pitches if they do not meet the publisher’s standards. All things considered, you may land some high-paying writing gigs if you put in the required amount of work with proficiency. So are you ready to skyrocket your writing career? Let me know if this list helps you in landing paid writing jobs.

The good news is that I finally published my first ever kindle book this week and so far, it’s already doing well. So, I usually end up telling them to look for the “mills” that churn out copy for paying clients, but only pay writers something like 3 to 6 cents a word. Thanks so much for adding your voice to the conversation.

Guest contributors to Copyhackers enjoy the benefit of building their authority as well as great FB shares, tweets, backlinks, brand-development and signups to their lists. Don’t worry about how to write articles. I’ll train you and give you feedback along the way. Youngisthan will pay a decent amount for published article. Blog swaps are just like Guest Posts… except we’ll write a post for you and you write a post for us.

For each article, I’ll state about how many words it should be. Then, when you’ve finished writing it, I’ll look it over and when I think it’s ready, I’ll publish it. Making money from writing is tough in such a saturated market but if you look beyond just one stream of income you can strike that vein of gold with lots of work & resilience. The quickest way to make money online is by writing. But the quickest way is generally like writing for a few dollars per 500 words or so. As a writer, if you fall for that trap, you will be doing only donkey work.

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