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  • Repair Record For Ibm Mq Model 9 1 Lts

    While on the Linux Foundation Members Summit in Napa, California, I was bemused to seek out that an open-source savvy mental property legal professional had never heard of SCO vs. IBM. You know, the lawsuit that at one time threatened to end Linux within the cradle? But now, after SCO went bankrupt; court docket after […]

  • Last Of Authentic Sco Vs Ibm Linux Lawsuit Settled

    As I recall, one of the claims handled the process scheduler, which SCO claimed Linus had ripped off. Linus defined at the time that there really aren’t a lot of ways to write down a pre-emptive scheduler. It’s akin to a horse-drawn carriage producer suing Ford Motor Company as a outcome of the Model T […]

  • Decades Old $1b Linux Lawsuit Involving Ibm Is Settled Or Is It?

    We’re involved as committers on other container initiatives, together with the Knative project that enables serverless capabilities to Kubernetes. LinuxToday is a trusted, contributor-driven news resource supporting all types of Linux users. Our thriving international community engages with us via social media and frequent content material contributions geared toward solving issues ranging from personal computing […]