The Eleventh Day: The Total Story Of 9 Eleven And Osama Bin Laden

by deepika

A high quality assurance specialist then pulled the tape, listened very carefully, and gured out what the Arabic voice had said on the initial, indistinct transmission. We are returning to the airport.” This was a giveaway that—had the U.S. navy been capable of intervene in time—could have wrecked the operation. What remained unknown, until even later, was that there may have been plans to grab even more.

He told his contacts he was an “emissary from bin Laden,” performing on behalf of Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman—by then preaching jihad in the United States. He used many names, however the name by which the self-proclaimed “emissary” is known today is Ramzi Yousef. And soon, Yousef would lead the rst try to bring down the World Trade Center.

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Prince Bandar, then still Saudi ambassador to Washington, expressed delight when the Commission Report was printed. “The clear statements by this independent, bipartisan fee,” he declared, “have debunked the myths that have forged fear and doubt over Saudi Arabia.” Quotations from the Report favorable to Saudi Arabia have been posted on the embassy’s website and remained there nonetheless in early 2011. Foremost among the quotes Prince Bandar liked was a Commission nding that it had located “no proof that the Saudi authorities as an institution or senior Saudi o cials individually funded” al Qaeda. Television screens—he saw ames erupting from the North Tower. Then, when a second airplane struck the South Tower, he realized that America was being attacked. He mentioned he had hoped “they weren’t Arabs.” “My God,” he stated he thought later, on seeing photos that showed Palestinians apparently celebrating in the street.

Bin Laden dubbed him “ ‘Orwah al-Ta’i ,” after a follower of the Prophet who had died in a bathe of arrows in Hanjour’s hometown—giving thanks to God for allowing him martyrdom. IN OCTOBER 2000, as KSM prepared Hanjour for his mission, Atta and Shehhi have been properly into their course at Hu man Aviation. They and fellow college students had to use a computer provided by the college to arrange for a written take a look at, and different people typically had to wait their turn. One day, however, as Ann Greaves waited outside for Atta and Shehhi to emerge from the pc room, she realized they weren’t engaged on the take a look at at all. She heard hushed voices talking in Arabic, then an outburst of what seemed like delight. “I went into the room,” she recalled, “and they were hugging one another and kind of slapping each other on the again … I actually have no means of understanding what it was that made them so joyful.” What would certainly have made Atta and Shehhi happy was the news— on the 12th of the month—that got here out of Yemen.

They wouldn’t stay there long, but would head o to yet one more flight school—in Arizona. Given Hanjour’s ying experience, KSM thought his target should be the Pentagon—relatively hard to hit as a outcome of it is only ve stories high. On reaching the States, certainly one of Hanjour’s calls would be to a ight faculty owner he knew from previous visits. The instructor suggested he rst get some experience on a smaller business airplane, however Hanjour persisted. “No,” he stated, “I want to y the 757.” On September 11, he could be aboard the 757 that hit the Pentagon. The rst name “Hani” means “content.” Hanjour appreciated to say, nonetheless, that it meant “warrior,” according to the name that he— like all of the hijackers—had been given before setting o for the States.

On New Year’s Eve, at one other faculty, Atta and Shehhi educated on a Boeing 767 simulator. It would be a 767, with Atta on the controls, that eight months later crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. • • • FAR OFF in Afghanistan, seemingly oblivious to what he was asking of the lads final fantasy royal edition upgrade he had despatched to America, Osama bin Laden had turn out to be impatient. In the fall of 2000, when they were nonetheless at ight faculty, he had pressed KSM to launch the operation.

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