Top 5 Article Submission Sites for Indian Writers

by deepika

Ayushveda presently pays Rs.120/- for articles of 500+ words and Rs.80/- for articles of 350+ words, which is a terrific starting point for a novice and the highest rate for an Indian site. Article writing has become a source of revenue for a number of people all over the world. More and more people are getting attracted to this new source of gaining money. As the tentacles of internet become more spread out, there are a lot of opportunities for emerging writers. Only original articles will be posted on Choose Healthy diet Food tips, and after publishing, you must not redistribute the same article to other sites.


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An Internet banking account helps to make your further process fast. In the USA, a bank account is necessary for receiving payments as the USA law does not allow spending money that received directly in PayPal. Each time you get money for writing blogs, your money will be transferred to your appropriate bank account. Nowadays, many freelancing sites offer individuals with a wide range of opportunities to make money by using their relevant content writing skills. Many of freelancing sites are free for sign up, and you can easily select according to your work to showcase some skills like graphic design projects. Most of the sites which offer great opportunities are also based outside India.

Logicwebsoft is a leading article content writing and marketing company that provides article content for all the niches written by the best article writers. Among Indian students, this is a very popular website if you are looking for opportunities to write and earn money in India. Indiastudychannel is an educational website that pays students for participating in forum conversations, uploading articles or resources, or producing instructional material. The payment is the same as in Boddunan, ranging from Rs.25 to Rs.50 for each acceptable piece, with a minimum payout of Rs.250/- for the first payment and Rs.750/- for subsequent payouts. Hi, Meet Experienced and talented professional content writers, proficient in English language and are well conversant with the technical know-how of online content writing.

Logicwebsoft provides original and engaging product descriptions at low prices. SEO content writing or SEO writing or SEO copywriting is the writing SEO optimized content means writing the content using the keywords. Examples of SEO content writing are web pages content, articles, blog, PR, classifieds, profile content, etc.

Different website user charges different amounts of money from content writing users. But It depends on the deal between both parties and understanding between the brand and the influencer relatively. Many companies such as Fancy hands and Time Etc hire online virtual assistants to handle tasks such as freelance writing, scheduling meetings, data entry work, and many more. A virtual assistant is a good option to enhance your career in the right direction. Looking for a star writer to write/rewrite for my websites, one on Ayurveda, one on computer, and another on small tutorials.

Please comment on any other sites which you may think are worthy of getting some real income for Indian Writers and I will post them in the next Article. The selection procedure is simple, where in you have to register as a member and have to submit two sample articles of your writing material. If you have an idea that can make us think differently and push the industry forward, we would like to hear about it. However, you don’t have to wait around for an idea that can change the way we design websites.

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