Travel Writer’s Guidelines and Travel Writing Contests

by deepika

Articles should focus on practical, usable information based on personal experience. Apart from practical considerations what were the most significant physical, psychological, and social adjustments necessary to integrate into the local communities? Short- and long-term family travel can be inexpensive and enriching, and is increasingly practiced.

See the Teen High School Study Abroad section for examples of both expert advice and first-hand accounts—both of which are invaluable to our audience. Please write on this subject if you have experience. To see a collection of articles recently published by Transitions Abroad go to the Study Abroad section of our site or see our annual Student Travel Writing Contest winners.


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As you gain more experience, you may also be able to seek outright commissions from travel editors who are familiar with your work. This British travel magazine publishes destination features up to 2,200 words, along with shorter dispatches, travel guides, round-up features and more. Pay is typically £220 (about $275) per 1,000 words, but rates vary. GreenPrints Magazine publishes personal stores about gardening. If you want to share a story about joy, humor, love, and gardening, then keep reading. They pay up to $150 per story, and are currently open to submissions.

They address a variety of topics, from dressage and horse care to eventing and steeplechase racing. They pay $165 to $220 for news stories and $150 to $250 for features (1,500-2,500 words). Writers Digest accepts submissions for their column “5 Minute Memoir,” a 600 word essay about the writing life.

As of February 2021, MoneyPantry is temporarily not accepting guest posts. They will update their contributing page when they are ready to accept guest posts again. The A.V. Club is always looking for great entertainment content, paying an average of $0.21 a word. Currently, they have a few topics that you can explore and write about. Payment is always sent when the article is published, along with a copy of the issue. The rates of your article usually depend on your experience and department.

Tai Chi Magazine is the international magazine for the form of martial arts known as T’ai Chi Chu’an. To learn more about this publication, and to submit, be sure to read their submission guidelines. Cosmopolitan Magazine wants essays about a “a memorable, crazy, hilarious, or touching college experience.” They pay $100 per essay, to be published on their website. Horizon Air is a regional airline affiliated with Alaska Air. Their magazine is largely written by freelance writers.

Topics may include home stays and hospitality exchanges, international tours with substance, educational programs, and service-learning. We welcome informative articles on how local communities abroad organize and profit from ecotourism, plus first-hand experiences with responsible ecotourism operators. Arizona Highways is a monthly magazine that encourages travel to and within Arizona.

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