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All content points relating to diet, nutrition, food, fitness, workouts, healthy food consumption, and weight reduction should be considered. Write your own pieces, but refer to our blog posts on the themes on our site for ideas, and submit them to Grass Desk is regularly looking for a writer who is willing to write about the content for the topic which the grass desk is searching for.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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The support of fitndiets.com is open to guest posts but more to partner articles. 1) We are watching for the trends and health tips related tobeauty, weight loss, skin care, hair, fitness, and health tips. While we welcome all submissions from writers, please read our guest post guidelines before you submit. Articles must adhere to these guidelines to be posted at BasilPark.com. As a writer, sometimes it can be good to be responsive and conversational.

In the health niche, we do our very best to create exceptional content for our readers. This means that we are constantly seeking new writers who can offer a unique perspective on their work. We urge all freelance writers to submit guest posts at amyandrose.com on health issues, promoting wellness, and health care products that are their original work.

A more recent study showed the power of daily weighing. Here’s why it’s the best solution for writers and others stuck behind a desk. Please understand that the restrictions I described are in the interest of my readers. Please submit your article if you agree to follow these guidelines. If you’re still having trouble coming up with a good concept and conducting the research and analysis for which you’re writing, we’re here to assist. Your queries might be concerning the inkbeau.com site or the Write for Us’ Plus weight reduction program.

Guest bloggers are required to submit content that is not plagiarized. All submissions must have been reviewed by you before being submitted. To ensure no delays are encountered, the guest blogger should deliver their completed post to us at least 24 hours before the original deadline. Join over 235,000 other people who get our weekly health and fitness tips Free of spam, static, and fluff. Don’t spam links – Only place links where they’re genuinely needed and it makes sense to do so.

We’re always on the lookout for new contributors with a passion for writing and a knack for the written word. Health and fitness are the primary topics of our blog posts. If you need to get in touch with us, just shoot us an email at Please provide examples and get the posts ready to go live. Using our service will provide you with invaluable writing experience that will serve you well in the long run.

At fitndiets.com we are further focused on presenting genuine and natural health tips, tutorials, DIY, and How-to for our readers. Because of the equal, we are more focused on quality guest posts on our website. BasilPark.com aims to help people take back control of their health and fitness. We want to empower people with the knowledge of how changes to their diet, fitness program and lifestyle can improve their well-being. To do this, we write scientifically-backed articles on a variety of health topics. Weight loss guest post by following all these guidelines perfectly, you will get approval and content published.

If an article is determined to be completely copied, it will not be authored on the site. You might also write for us if you have knowledge in any of the fields listed above. Include a reference to the primary reference for any statistics or data you use in your article. A short biography of the author should be included in the article. The ideal length for an author biography is 50 words.

We will be editing your write-ups to fit our tone and style but if the submitted work is found with a lot of grammatical errors it will be rejected. Unhealthy eating patterns can become visible over time. Discover if you have some of this 6 signs that you’re not eating well. If your goal is to lose weight, cutting calories along is part of the equation. We will teach you some tricks to save calories while preparing delicious meals. Back up any claims – We don’t make exaggerated promises so we wouldn’t want any post to go against this.

Anything that will further the reader’s understanding of the topic at hand is fair game for a link. Assuming, of course, that the referenced sites themselves are credible and helpful. Any link that we determine to be unnecessary may be removed or marked as no-follow.

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