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by deepika

There are no restrictions with links in the content unless they are marketing subsidiary, self-promotion, or unnatural. Any link that is useless, spammy or irrelevant will be deleted. Our primary language is English, but we accept Japanese articles if they are relevant. Your article is reviewed and edited by an English-speaking Bitrise editor who may provide editorial feedback to help you improve your writing. Content of the article must be unique and handwritten, it shouldn’t have copy / spined content. The word count of your article must be above 1000+ in order to be accepted by our team.

Once the article is published, there isn’t much left to do than to share it on social media. Share the link to your published article with your social media community and hopefully you will receive views and comments from the active users. We welcome our writers to republish, by all means. You have a personal blog or an account somewhere, please feel free to post it there, but be sure to include a link to the original article on our website. But aside from personal blogs, we forbid our writers to republish our live articles on other major sites.

The length is generally subject to the topic, but we mostly accept 700 – 1000 words articles. But if yours exceed the 1000 word mark, that’s okay too as long as it’s inside of 1500 words. We are always on lookout for writers, thinkers and inspiring people looking to share their write-ups with the world.

Reproducing already-published podcasts on our website is not allowed. Please provide us with all business details when submitting your PR post on our platform. We will help your websites by giving you a chance to provide a do-follow link to our website. So that you will gain more SEO points, and your page rank will increase. Write more Transition words in your article. You can check the Yoast SEO guidelines to know more about the Transition words score.

While we hope more and more people out there relate to us, it’s nice to hear back from some of them how and why they find us relatable. Is it a particular life’s experience behind it? Is there an interesting story to back it up? Here is a checklist to quickly run through before your send your article to us. Add more expert advice, or if unavailable, include links to studies and sources that corroborate your point. Articles, in our opinion should build up to the call to action rather than demanding them awkwardly.

In this website, with my team, we are sharing our experiences, advices and tips with android tv boxes with you. Posts need to be of high quality, informational and designed to help the beginning to intermediate user get the most out of their devices. Posts should be “how-to”, “tips and tricks”, or ‘understanding technology” based.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Images must be in (.png) or (.jpg) format only with size optimized. Featured image should be exactly 400 – 600 pixels wide and the other images should be exactly normal pixels wide. However, you have to make sure that they are not gonna be subject to copyright.

You are solely responsible for the press release content. Although every press release is unique, we will process your article only if it follows the below-generalized rules. So, kindly comply with the following PR posting guidelines when writing the press release for our platform. Podcasts are a great way to learn from industry experts about specific topics. For people in mobile engineering or Mobile DevOps, there are some great tech and developer-geared podcasts available. Here’s a list of four podcast recommendations for mobile developers.

Edit your app review / guest post when it is needed. For example, correct the spelling or the grammatical errors. Any edits will be discussed with you before publishing. Short bio profile within every guest posts written by you. We allow only one link for every guest post published on our site. Safety starts with understanding how developers collect and share your data.

Android is a very versatile operating system used primarily for mobile devices. You need to add focus keywords in your headlines too. If your article has features and benefits types of content, then try to write in bullet points. Try to add 7-8 LSI keywords in your content and make it Bold so our editor can see how many keywords you have added. Make your article understandable by the readers as we have audiences that belong to different levels.

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