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We don’t expect that your article will win the next Pulitzer Prize, however we do expect you submit your best work that is reflective of your capabilities. Articles may not include any material that is deemed racist, sexist or defamatory. We will simply reject such articles without further edits. If this is an opportunity that excites you, read on for the type of articles we are looking for. Cycorld is an outdoor apparel brand, manufacturer and online retailer, mainly selling MTB, Road Cycling, and Hiking apparel.

If approved, we’ll reach out to request the completed article and when it’ll be posted on our website. Ask us for a keyword to help you with a topic idea. You will receive consistent feedback to improve as a professional writer and create genuinely helpful resources. With over 8,000,000 page views since inception, WillowHavenOutdoor.com is one of the top survival blogs on the internet. If yes, please send us link of yours which have been posted on the other sites.

If you have experience writing for a blog, that’s a big plus, but we’re really going to make our decisions based on a sample of your writing. You don’t have to be a professional writer, but we do need people who can use correct English spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We just want to pay you for the articles you write. Email us your post idea with the article or a sample article in the body of the message.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Commitment to producing innovative, effective performance apparel with affordable prices. Once we receive your request, we will read it and let you know if it is approved. If it is approved, we will contact you to let you know when it will be posted on our website. Ways to enhance personal growth and live a real life adventure. Top list of ways to improve quality of any adventure or specific outdoor activity.

We reserve the right to edit any document as we see fit. We will share the final version of your post with you prior to publishing it. If you agree to our edits, we’ll publish it and let you know when it’s live. Would you like to share your travel knowledge and experience on our blog?

Well, if you are one of those story-tellers, join our highly diverse team of travel writers. If you are interested in writing high-quality RVing content while building your personal brand, we welcome you to submit an article to the publisher. For most of our articles, we target about 2,000 words. For these articles, we will pay 5 cents per word which comes out to about $50 for articles that we publish. As you gain experience writing for Camper Report you’ll get more flexibility in choosing your own topics and outlining and writing articles as you like. As we move in that direction, your pay will increase.

All guest post submissions must be subject to proofreading or editing. You will be issued with editing modifications prior to publication for final approval. I will include an introductory paragraph that will be sent to you in advance. The topics of a guest post you want to submit to The outingvibe.com must fall within the interests of your target audience’s expectations. Bear in mind that our intended audience consists of outdoor explorers.

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