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So, the sooner you started reading leadership advice, the better leader you will ultimately become and the easier you will find it. Building trust and driving transparency is one of the most important leadership characteristics. Today, employees expect their leaders to be trustworthy and share all the important information and company updates.

Dr. Jennifer Varney has over 20 years of experience in higher education leadership. Her disciplines include leadership, management and organizational behavior. She has held roles in academic administration, advising leadership and as an adjunct faculty member.


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However, we prefer Tech Articles and Tutorials on the following technologies. Ken Blanchard has had a significant influence on leadership thinking for many years, starting with his 1982 international bestseller The One Minute Manager. His business, The Ken Blanchard Companies, offers leadership and training development services, and runs the Blanchard Leaderchat blog. Contributions to the blog come from across Ken’s team, but all the advice and guidance is in line with his leadership principles and ethos – something they call ‘Kenship’. Michael has recently stepped down as CEO of his leadership coaching company and has been succeeded by his daughter Megan Hyatt Miller.

When it comes to measuring employee engagement, there are different levels of engagement. It’s likely that any team has a combination of every type of engagement. If we accept your article, we will add it to our publishing queue, and will send you an acknowledgement email once it goes live on our site. Back your content with authenticity by citing apt reference links. Back your figures and facts by accurate research and statistics.

Outstanding leaders not only visualize the future, but they also know how to share their vision with their followers, and get their attention and alignment. Instead of hiding information and leaving employees in the dark, a great leader should openly communicate about everything that is going on in their organization. “It is about empowering employees to feel and think like owners so that they remain motivated to create new opportunities. It is also about establishing a kind of radical transparency in which voices across the hierarchy can be heard.

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