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by deepika

Please include what topic you want to write about in your query. It should be of interest to homeowners and/or small businesses. Just make sure to read our criteria for guest contributions first to send us your best piece. We encourage guest posts which add value to our readership. We also have sponsored posts and these are a different kettle of fish. However, we are getting a higher number of guest posts that are poorly written, poorly researched, and provide no value to our readers.

Videos should be relevant to the topic and demonstrate something useful for the reader. Supply the URL for one video to include in your article – it can be your own or from YouTube. You must proofread your article and there ought to be no grammatical or spelling errors.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

This means writers must focus on making an article’s first paragraph excellent. Be creative about the article topics you choose – make sure they loosely fit under one of the above content buckets and align well with our mission or client scope of work. All articles must be original and infused with your personal beliefs, experience and expertise.

Write For Us Environmental Guest Post, let us further make you aware of the benefits you will be getting after writing for us on the different environmental topics. To know what our readers expect from us in writing and service skills. We have a complete team that will help you know each aspect of this work and will be there to resolve your doubts and queries at each step. Our team will then review your article and notify you if they have been approved or denied. If your content is about products, provide a sample photo of each product with the source link.

Accepted articles may be edited by us, prior or after publication, at our sole discretion. This is done to fix grammar, or to make the article comply with guidelines and integrate better with Get Green Now. We don’t allow direct sales pitches or backlinks to the promotional product page. However, you may link your homepage from the author bio or from within the content if it’s relevant.

Articles are not required to be drafted in a fashion that would suit a scientific blog. There is so much content on the Internet; a catchy title can quickly grab a reader’s attention. Most people browsing articles will decide within seconds whether or not to click on an article. A secondary title is one sentence that grabs the reader’s attention and provides further context for the article’s topic or argument.

To discourage such useless attempts, we have revised our guest post submission guidelines and requesting you to go through the requirements before sending your content. All the mentioned blogs feature original content, add value to our reader’s knowledge, and are SEO-optimized. Do you have an idea for a new blog post, videos, or products? They never 👎🏾 paid me, my gosh I was scammed!

Do your research and read through our current blog posts to make sure the topics you suggest have not already been covered. Evergreen articles with real-life examples, charts, and case studies will be favored. All articles must be relevant to our core topics and areas of interest.

So, be creative and convert your ideas into text; this will benefit you in many ways. But are you still thinking about what to do next after writing the content? Share that write-up with us and get many benefits.

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