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by deepika

Frequent people who come to us to discover visitor posting opportunities. Guest posts are unpaid but we also give authors article credits that can be used when ordering Beauty products in our shop or just redeemed for cash at any time with no expiration date. Beauty-related pitches might be sponsored posts on beauty blogs, or guest post opportunities on online platforms where they specialize in fashion and lifestyle. Copyright infringement is a serious offense and we do not take it lightly. We understand the value of original work and request that our guest authors do the same. All articles submitted to us for guest posting should be plagiarism-free and include copyright-free media only.

Discovering a topic, writing it and publishing it on websites gives knowledge and ideas to online readers about places, people, products and services. A beauty guest post blog or article helps in multiple ways to improve the visibility of a brand or business. By submitting a health guest post, a writer/author can also be visible across people over on the internet. Hence, this is the best approach for online promotion of social profiles, blogs or websites. Frequent people who come to us to find guest posting opportunities. Guest posts are becoming more popular simply because there is an overload of over text-format articles and people want to be entertained and hooked by a well-written article or blog post.

Though we don’t want you to be a grammar Nazi, we want to ensure that your draft has good grammar throughout. That’s why we request authors to do a thorough grammar check before sending us the final article. Done right, this can make you a favorite of search engines too. A posting credit, author bio and link to your blog/site or social media profile are placed at the bottom of each post, giving you maximum exposure to your audience. When you submit a guest post on our website, you’ll get wide exposure. Our blog is viewed by thousands of niche audience readers.

Your article needs to be grammatically correct, without any types. That means if it was written by someone from India, or whose native language isn’t English, then it won’t work. In case you would choose to promote your company link or something promotional, please contact “advertising” for the subject name.

Use your bio for any mentions and links to your own website not in the article itself. We prefer 300px width and 300px in length.Bios without an image will not be published. Your content topic should be catchy and informative to attract more audiences. Please make sure that your submission is original i.e. it hasn’t been published anywhere else . We are here to give you advice on feeling beautiful every day. From makeup tips to hair tricks, we’ll keep you up to date.

Eventually, you will find a guest blogging website. If you are using the guest blog search operator in the right way and this is the good signal that you have performed well during searching. Here are the lists of higher Search Operators for guest posting.

If you have an idea that you think will be a nice fit, prepare an outline and we’ll let you know if it can work. We publish articles related to beauty on a daily basis from product reviews, guides, interviews, industry trends, etc so get in touch by emailing us. Never publish any write-up from other websites that is copied. We will remove your article and it would not be released if we find your work is plagiarized. We have the hard work of everyone else, so you should.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Remember that you have to cater to all our readers and not just a section of it. This point is especially hard to get to, but you will need to use your creativity to find at least one other approach to health by “accepting guest posts”. We, and search engines, like articles that include relevant images, videos, infographics, etc. However, copyright policy infringement is not tolerated.

Welcome, all beauty & fashion bloggers who search for blogs related to the queries listed down. Or you may send Microsoft Word Document articles to us. If you want to write for us, before submitting the article, you may email us the ideas and the pitch. InocenCia is a community blog that allows anyone to write fashion, beauty, lifestyle and health We expect you to follow the following rules in case you want to post your views on our blog.

Our guest authors are requested to ensure that their pitch matches our criterion to the word. The blog is dedicated to beauty, fashion, health, and lifestyle enthusiasts and we would like that it to stay that way. That’s why all articles sent to us for guest posting should belong to the relevant niche for the benefit of our readers.

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