Write for Us: Guest Post Submission Guidelines

by deepika

We use the Grammarly plagiarism checker, and we reject duplicate content. All authors get an account on Isotropic, where they can easily review editorial guidelines, track published articles, and review finances. All article payments are tracked here (specific to your flat rate, and/or per-word payment). From this experience, we’ve created a personalized author panel and defined editorial process that makes the content submission and review process quick and easy.

The article should be informative and ought to not make regard to the name of the writer’s organisation or items straightforwardly. Do you want support for the script installation or customization? Submit your request for customization of our scripts, support for the existing web application, and new development service. We’ve used plagiarism checker tool to ensure that the articles are unique and original.

Start your article with a value-driven opening. Use a personal tone (use “I” and “you”), and promise your reader a clear benefit they get from reading it. Break up your text by using sub-headings, lists, screenshots, flowcharts, and other visual elements to support your content. I love personal stories about how you launched your tech career, whether full-time, part-time, or freelance.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Features like static typing, coroutines, and Ktor, streamline the Kotlin backend development process. The software is available for free on WordPress.org. However, you do need to pay to purchase a domain name and web hosting. There are three specific types of WordPress developers. As of 2022, there are around 1.3 billion websites on the internet. Out of these, there are currently 708 million sites that use WordPress.

You can learn more about blog sponsorships by emailing us at If you like these topics then please let me know. Incase you got any topic suggestion in your mind then share your views on that. Be assured, I’ll provide you with content that is relevant, informative & original and it will not be published anywhere other than your website. The article will be totally in sync with your audience’s expectations. We recommend all content creators email us the topic and a brief outline of their guest post for approval.

Save posts, access exclusive content, join members-only communities and more. If you’d like to write for Isotropic and are not a current author, pitch an article here. If you have any further questions, contact us. We give our authors the resources they need to produce incredible content. Our authors can ask for references from our editors and state that you work for us on LinkedIn.

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