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by deepika

Our website is famous for posting informative posts on the photography niche. If you are a professional writer and photography is the field you are always fond of, work for us. Or, if you want to begin a writing career with knowledge in cinematography, photography, we provide you a platform to showcase your skill. I invited one guest blogger and then another and found some great friends world wide, friends that share the same passion for photography and having fun on the budget. If you are accepting guest posts, I would like to contribute with some valuable content.

Our site is relatively new, but we’re already approaching a million page views a year. CaptureLandscapes helps aspiring and advanced photographers develop the skills needed to capture beautiful and impactful images. We provide Landscape Photography Tutorials & Resources crafted to improve your landscape photography.

We publish content focused on post processing in addition to photography-related content. We’re also interested in video content if that is within your areas of expertise. OpenSquare is a popular website with audiences looking for pro tips, guides, tutorials on how to, and more on the photography niche. With the help of our writers, we provide information and let readers know unique ideas and hacks that were unsaid before.

If so we’d love to feature one or more of your digital photography tips here on dPS. You can share tutorials, how-to tips, hacks for beginners, digital photography ideas, perfect snap-taking art, and more through writing. We accept tips and tutorials and guides for beginners and intermediate digital photographers wanting to learn more about photography. The post you submit to us should be relevant to the given topic. We excel at publishing articles that have the latest and most helpful information.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

We may perform minor editing on submitted articles, but never in such a way as to change the intent or meaning. The ideal article length is between 600 and 1000 words. If you’re interested in writing for The Photo Argus, please submit the following form. The write-up should have a high readability score and be easy to understand.

Good research on this would help you to write an article of that sort. So guest posts or guest blogging is a way to generate backlinks to the guest blogger’s blog. As backlinks boost page rankings, it’s a common method used by bloggers increase their Google rankings. The writer should be excellent in writing skills to write photography-related articles. All enthusiastic writers should have decent knowledge about photography related articles.

We request you ensure complete correctness of language while submitting guest posts to us. The account should be free from spelling and grammatical mistakes. After you have completed writing, going through it again shall help check this.

Please read these guidelines cautiously if you wish to submit guest blog contributions to our platform. All our team members follow these rules, and the bloggers need to abide by them. Moreover, we expect the bloggers to research thoroughly before submitting the posts. Our team meticulously researches before we publish the articles. Thus, we are expecting similar dedication from the contributors. If you have a voice and topics you’d like to share, we have a distribution channel that you can use to share those topics.

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