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Hosting the articles on your company blog adds to the perception of authority for site visitors whereas posting on self-publishing platforms can help you reach a larger audience. Wherever you choose to publish, make sure that you do more than just that. It is essential to promote your posts on social media in order to drive traffic and audience engagement.

If you’re wondering how to write for publications , then look no further. Each of Forbes’ sections is owned by a different editor, which together with the assistant editors, manages, curates, and edits content provided by the contributors and staff writers. Posting on Forbes and other high authority publications is an excellent way to build your personal brand, by demonstrating credibility, authority, and insight in your articles.

Once you have decided upon the field that you want to specialize in, then you can go forth and find the corresponding editor. Ideally, you would have a friend or an existing contributor who can personally introduce you to the editor. Otherwise, you can pay certain media directories and PR agencies to help you identify the right editors and source their contact details. Should you prefer to do things yourself, you could probably achieve the same result with some concerted searches on Google or by doing your homework on networking sites such as LinkedIn.

Are their audience aligned to the audience you deem ideal? You want to generate quality leads and traffic from your efforts, so it is vital that they line up. As far as I’m aware, there are no allegations of problems in the Forbes stories of newly indicted rapper Heather R. Morgan.


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If you resonate with the person behind a few articles you like, and feel you could connect with them in a meaningful way, then jot their name down. Hands down, the best way to become a contributor for a major publication is to get an introduction to an editor from a current contributor. You shouldn’t have to work very hard to match the feel of the website you’re writing for. If their blog is completely different from your own blog in every conceivable way, then you’re probably not seeking to reach the same audience—and your efforts would be best-suited elsewhere.

This means your story should be about more than just the data or facts. It should be about the people involved and how they’re affected by what’s happening. Your story must be pitched at the right time and relevant to what’s happening in the world right now. This is especially important for news stories.

They publish topics like innovation, strategy, career development, creativity and productivity. They love articles that promote conversation and present new ideas to readers. The second option is the same as the first option, except laundered through a platform.

There is no pre-publishing editorial–you’re expected to write, edit, proofread, and publish all by yourself. Forbes will review your article after you post and sometimes makes minor adjustments, but in my experience this is rare. Forbes provides great group trainings, but don’t expect a lot of one on one attention. 99% of what Forbes gives you is a platform, it’s mostly up to you to figure out how to utilize it.

Choose only one – picking more than one will divide your attention. Content creation and publication is not simply an issue in B2B businesses, but B2C as well. B2B marketers cite their major challenges to be creating enough content (55%) and engaging content (47%) in the top three problems they face, according to Content Marketing Institute.

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